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Welcome to Barefoot Computer the one solution company for all your Florida Keys computer repairs and Florida Keys web designs anywhere in Florida Keys. Our remote Florida Keys Computer Repair and Florida Keys Laptop Repair company can improve the performance of your computers; add upgrades to customize all your repair needs. We are not only another PC repair shop but the best Computer Repair company in Florida Keys. We fix your systems quick and right on the first time. We offer great prices and excellent services to solve your most common issues. Accurate, experienced, and fast that's who we are! 

We also offer FREE computer diagnostics. So, if you're anywhere around Marathon, Florida Keys... just bring it in. It costs you nothing for us to look at it and give you an accurate diagnosis. 

Computer & Laptop Repair Services 

Barefoot Computer can help you in all technological services and offer you a full range of IT solutions. We can meet your entire home and business needs and offer on-site services for any IT solution. We are trained to help any homeowner, as well as any small business owner with all their PC and Website needs. 

Florida Keys Remote Virus Removal

Is your PC gradually getting slower or just does not perform like it used to? Your colleagues keep receiving suspicious looking e-mails from you? If this is your case please contact us immediately! You most likely have a virus or spyware that got installed without your knowing. This service is designed to give your system a boost, security, and bring it back to its original speed.

Florida Keys Computer Upgrades

If you don’t have the knowledge, handling hardware can be difficult and dangerous in specific parts, however that’s why we are here. If you want to add a hard drive, memory ram, video card, power supply, or any other hardware, we can help you. We can provide the best recommendations for upgrade and give the best configuration that you will ever have.

Florida Keys PC Backups

You can never be too safe these days. Barefoot Computer can effectively locate all of your important files and back them up to any media source you desire.

  • Music, Videos, Documents
  • Personal Files, and much more...

Florida Keys Routine Maintenances

Routine maintenances are periodically tune ups that a user should perform on his personal machine. Defragmenting and cleaning are essential on any system. If a user does not perform this tune ups regularly, the machine can become slow. Our 30 min. tune up will make your system run like new.

Florida Keys Networking

Do you want to share files with all the computers in your home? A wireless or wired network will allow you to share internet, files, movies, and much more. Which means you navigate the web from your laptop, print from the studio, and e-mail from your kitchen. Our technicians will setup the router settings to establish the best security your home network deserves.

Florida Keys PC Clean-up Services

Cleaning your PC and its components helps keep your system in good working conditions. Depending on the environment your computer operates in, determines how often you should clean it. General PC professionals recommend a full system clean-up at least once a year.

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